With too many year of IT problems under my belt it’s not fair to keep them all to myself.  It’s time to share all of those obscure issues that no one cares about but wants fixed.

I’m currently living life as a Senior Consultant for VMware Professional Services in Melbourne, Australia.  I’ve been a vExpert since 2015, vExpert Pro since 2018, and a former co-leader of the Melbourne VMware User Group (VMUG).

If i’m not cycling into work i’m usually sleeping on the train. Now just working from home.

Mark Ukotic


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Mark, I was at the last Melbourne VMUG meeting and really enjoyed your session on home labs. I am trying to install ESXi V5.0 on to a Intel NUC, but not having much luck. I have tried using the ESXi- Customizer but it only creates the files not an ISO file.
    Can you help me or give me any suggestions?
    Thanks Peter

    1. Hi Peter, thanks heaps, it was a fun session. Come say hi at the next vBeers or vMug!

      That’s really odd. Are you using the older executable version ESXi-Customizer.exe or the newer PowerCLI script version? I just tried the older executable version and it seemed to work fine. I’ll email you a screenshot of what I did.

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