vCenter Server 5.1 Inventory Service

Way back in October 2012 when I was upgrading a vCenter Server to 5.1 I wrote up a few Installation guides for the various services of vCenter.  In one of the guides, Installing vSphere 5.1 -- vCenter Inventory Server.  I joked about how I had little or no idea what the inventory service is.

Recently I was listening to a podcast with Justin King (@vCenterGuy) doing a Tech Deep Dive on vCenter Server 5.1.  In it he briefly discusses what the Inventory Service is.  He did an excellent job of filling in a lot of the missing gaps I had about what the Inventory Service does.

Below is the summary from Justin on the Inventory Service.

  • Used since vCenter 5.0.
  • Used by web clients only.
  • Cache for vCenter inventory
  • Used to offload read-only requests from the VPDX
  • Allows for better performance, more connections, to vCenter.
  • Enables use of Tags (only in web client).  Can lead to better organisational structure.
  • Inventory Service uses an XML xDB file to store data.

I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get some of these answers on the Inventory Service, but I’m glad I finally have them.  Full credit to Justin and his Tech Deep Dive on vCenter Server 5.1, well worth a watch.


#vBrownBag Follow-up vCenter 5.1 Technical Deep Dive with Justin King (@vCenterGuy)

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