VCP5-DCV Delta Recertification Exam Is Back

In a previous post I wrote about my VCP5 Delta experience.  I’ve been meaning to write a follow-up post on that topic since passing the exam.  But now, only days after the original limited time opportunity deadline of November 30 passed.  VMware bring a new limited time opportunity until March 10, 2015 to, again, take the exam.

Now I’m holding back a bit here.  But needless to say I’m not too impressed.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry or upset over VMware bringing back the offer.  Why should I be?  I took the exam, I passed, happy days, I move on.  But I’m a little jaded by this.  I played by the original rules.  When VMware brought in the certification expiration I didn’t complain.  When they brought out the original recertification offer I jumped on it.  Despite the short window of offer and a busy schedule I made the time.

For the people that didn’t make the time for the recertification, or couldn’t be bothered, or just had other more important commitments, too bad –right?!?!  Well, clearly no.

Look through the sales and marketing and VMware would have realised that a lot of current VCP holders are going to lose their certification.  They probably expected a higher number of new certifications to outpace upcoming expiries but that probably hasn’t been happening.

So VMware brought out the Delta Recertification.  This great idea to help recertify us.  Just the new material and less questions.  The only thing is, most people didn’t see it that way.  Most people felt it was just another way to gouge more money from us, or they just couldn’t be bother reaffirming what they’ve already done once before.

That brings us to now.  VMware are now more clearly promoting the cost savings and the ability to take the exam online from anywhere.  It’s three month left before the VCP expiry starts to kick in for us.  Many of us certification holders are starting to take Christmas and New Year’s break to spend with the family and away from work and VMware and have no interest in taking the exam.

They have to be worried, right?  It’s in VMware’s best interest to hold onto us.  Will people take VMware up on the extended offer?  Maybe.  I think a lot of VCPs made their thoughts know by not taking up the original offer.

So what happens when March 10 comes around?  Well, I think a lot of people are going to lose their certification and are not going to care.  I think there are going to be a lot of angry people around when they realise they might have to take the vSphere prerequisite courses again.  I then think VMware are going to come out with another offer to help recertify people again.


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  1. Hi Mark,

    I found your blog as I have to re-certify to keep my VCP in order for the company I work for to keep its sales partner status. I agree with your prediction that post the march 2010 deadline there may be back-down on the current stance VMware is taking.

    Appreciate your previous post on the VCP550D exam and its contents, I will be sitting it before the the deadline as cant afford to gamble on yet another backflip 😉

    (fellow Melbournian)

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